Task Environment Variables

Restraint exports the following environment variables for task use. They can be altered using the environment variable of the metadata file or testinfo.desc file (see Tasks).

Restraint Variables Description Source
HOME home directory defaults to /root. Can be overwritten using recipe or task params. Static
HOSTNAME Set by task plugin before execution of user task Task Plugin
LANG Environment variable to specify locale. The default is en_US.UTF-8. It can be overwritten using recipe or task params. Static
PATH Program search path environment variable. The default default is “/usr/local/bin:/usr/bin:/bin: /usr/local/sbin:/usr/sbin:/sbin”. It can be overwritten using recipe or task params. Static
RSTRNT_JOBID Populated from the job_id attribute of the recipe node. Job
RSTRNT_MAXTIME Max time in seconds for this task to complete. Input to local and external watchdog timers. Job
RSTRNT_OSARCH OS Architectures. Ex: x86_64, s390x, i386, aarch64, ppc64, ppc64le, armhfp Job/Task Plugin
RSTRNT_OSDISTRO Name of the distro (Provided if running in Beaker). Job
RSTRNT_OSMAJOR OS Major Version of Distro. Ex: Fedora31, CentOS7, RedHatEnterpriseLinux8 Job/Task Plugin
RSTRNT_OSVARIANT Not all distros use variants. Ex: Server, Client Job
RSTRNT_OWNER Populated from the owner attribute of the job node. Job
RSTRNT_REBOOTCOUNT The number of times the system has rebooted for this task. If no reboot occurred, the values is 0. Restraint
RSTRNT_RECIPEID Populated from the id attribute of the recipe node. Job
RSTRNT_RECIPESETID Populated from the recipe_set_id attribute of the recipe node. Job
RSTRNT_TASKID Populated from the id attribute of the task node. Job
RSTRNT_TASKNAME Name of task from the job. Ex: “/distribution/command”. metadata
RSTRNT_TASKORDER Sequence Order of tasks multiplied by 2. Used by Restraint when it performs multihosting. Restraint
RSTRNT_TASKPATH Where the task is installed. rpm path/ Restraint
TERM Terminal type defaults to vt100. Can be overwritten using recipe or task params. Static
TESTID Contains the ID assigned to this task. Job

For legacy RHTS variables, refer to Legacy RHTS Task Environment Variables.

Script/Plugin Environment Variables

This table lists environment variables which affect outcome of restraint scripts and plugins. These variables are often set by the user. They are as follows:

Restraint Variables Description Source
AVC_ERROR Refer to Legacy Reporting Mode for replacement. User
FAILURESTRINGS FALSESTRINGS Used by report_result plugin to report user’s task. Details can be found Report Result User
CLIENTS, SERVERS, DRIVERS Assist in the execution of the scripts rstrnt-sync-block/set. rstrnt-sync-block User
NEXTBOOT_VALID_TIME Assist in the execution of the script rstrnt-prepare-reboot. rstrnt-prepare-reboot Default/ User
OUTPUTFILE Used by localwatchdog plugin to report user’s task output if set. User
TESTPATH/logs2get File used by localwatchdog plugin to log user’s files listed in logs2get. User
RSTRNT_BACKUP_DIR To specify directory when using using Restraint’s backup/restore scripts. rstrnt-backup User
RSTRNT_DISABLED User populated to disable a plugin from running. Do RSTRNT_DISABLED=”99_reboot” to prevent 99_reboot from running after local watchdog expires. Do RSTRNT_DISABLED=”01_dmesg_check 10_avc_check” to prevent multiple error checking plugins from running (though disabling these is not advised). User
RSTRNT_DISABLE_LINGER Used by task_run plugin to disable user lingering. Refer to OS command loginctl enable/disable linger for details. This was introduced due to behavior changes from Fedora24+. Default is to enable. User
RSTRNT_LOGGING Enables debugging for plugins. Default: 3 (1=Debug, 2=Info, 3=Warning, 4=Error, 5=Critical) User
RSTRNT_NOPLUGINS Set by restraint to disable some plugin functionality when “task_run” plugins execute. Further details on this variable can be found Plugins. Restraint
RSTRNT_PKG_CMD RSTRNT_PKG_ARGS RSTRNT_PKG_INSTALL RSTRNT_PKG_REMOVE RSTRNT_PKG_RETRIES RSTRNT_PKG_DELAY These variables are used to control the behavior of the command rstrnt-package. For more details, refer to rstrnt-package command. Default/ User
RSTRNT_PLUGINS_DIR Specifies the directory to run localwatchdog or report_result plugins. Restraint